Beate M. Lichtenberger  |  Sophie Frech  |  Ana Korosec

Beate M. Lichtenberger obtained her PhD from the University of Vienna in 2009. She completed her doctorate studies in Genetics and Microbiology under the supervision of Prof. Maria Sibilia at the Institute of Cancer Research in Vienna, where she addressed how EGFR, VEGFR and ITGB1 signalling cooperate in epidermal stem cells to promote cancer and control immune responses of the skin. In 2011, Beate joined the lab of Prof. Fiona Watt, one of the world-leading labs in skin and stem cell biology, at the University in Cambridge and later at King’s College London as a postdoctoral fellow. She dissected niche signalling in the skin, and identified that skin dermis comprises two fibroblast lineages with different functions in skin physiology and pathology. Since April 2016 she is a principal investigator at the Department of Dermatology at the Medical University of Vienna.

Beate has received numerous awards and honours including: Beverly McKinnel Award 2006, Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds PhD Fellowship, THP Research Award 2010, sanofi-aventis Research Award 2010, EMBO and FEBS Long-term Fellowships, Heinz Maurer Award for Dermatological Research 2014, Award for Innovative Cancer Research from the City of Vienna 2014, and the Unilever Award/ Austrian Dermatology Award 2016.

Sophie Frech, ÖAW PhD fellow, studied Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, where she investigated the role of PI3K in Multiple Sclerosis during her diploma thesis internship at the Institute of Physiology before graduating in 2016. Sophie started her work as a PhD student in the Lichtenberger Lab in 2017, where she focuses her research on the role of different CAF subsets in the pathogenesis and metastasis of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma as well as on the role of Hh signalling in wound-healing induced hair follicle development. She wants to pursue a specialization in dermatology after finishing her PhD.

Ana Korosec studied Molecular Biology at the University of Vienna and obtained her Master’s degree in 2013. She worked as a technical assistant at CeMM for 2.5 years. In 2016, Ana started to work as a research technician in the Lichtenberger Lab where she is responsible for flow cytometry, histology, cell culture, various molecular biology techniques, graphic design and lab maintenance.